Case Management: Why Do I Need It?

Case Management: Assessing and Evaluating

Case Management


“Case managers enhance the (long-term) scope of addictions treatment and the recovery continuum” ~ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)


Since each human being has its own individual footprint—story—treating drug/alcohol addiction and mental illness requires experienced, precise care. With a focus on an overall solution—a plan for the client—case management aims at helping to address not only what can be a combination of potential underlying causes/layers that need to be observed immediately, but it also is an involved process centered on long-term success.


The Role of a Case Manager:


“Case management begins with a detailed needs assessment and development of a recovery plan that may include clinical care for mental and behavioral health problems.”


Case Managers serve as professional liaisons between the individual seeking treatment (client) and/or their families, the medical and recovery professionals, psychiatrists, clinicians, treatment facilities, and personal support systems supporting their care. While the choice of treatment facility for each individual client can, of course, significantly impact recovery success, the development of a comprehensive post-treatment plan has proven just as vital to the support of long-term recovery.


A Case Manager:


  • Provides the client a single point of contact for multiple health and social services systems
  • Advocates for the client
  • Provides screening and assessment
  • Brokers for resources
  • Develops case action plans
  • Determines if eligibility for benefits
  • Monitors, evaluates, and gives feedback of the process
  • Records case progress






Some examples of issues clients can typically struggle with includes:


-Substance Abuse

-Behavioral/Process Addictions

-Emotional Dysregulation



-Eating Disorders



-Attention-Deficit & Disruptive Behavior Disorders

-Borderline Personality Disorder

-Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

-Impulsive Control


-Pain Management



Being of Service in Recovery, Connections in Recovery Los Angeles



Connections in Recovery (CiR), an international addiction and mental health treatment consulting and referral resource company, collaborates with clients and their significant others/family members by coordinating treatment and referral services as well as community resource activities and managed care systems. As a client’s personal treatment connection, CiR’s substance abuse case management team removes the anxiety this can cause, by helping the loved one (and the client if appropriate) receive the answers and information they need in an efficient and timely manner.


CiR’s case management, monitoring, and ongoing evaluations are completely customized to each client. Its menu of available services, designed to promote optimal recovery success, can include:


  • Immediate action response
  • Continuity of care
  • Daily outreach support communication
  • Weekly “check-ins”
  • Treatment team liaison
  • Secured & confidential motivational transportation; domestic & international
  • Safe living environment referrals, placement & client installation
  • Physician & clinician referrals
  • Psychological testing recommendations
  • Life skills training
  • Deconstructing challenges or fears into manageable components–as they happen, in real time
  • Identifying and reconciling self-destructive patterns, personal and environmental obstacles to recovery, as they unfold in real time
  • Building confidence by identifying and correcting maladaptive “old behaviors”
  • Serving as a solid link between treatment and the home/work/school environment
  • Drug Testing
  • Family Support
  • Legal and/or court advocacy


Connections in Recovery has been a vital resource to individuals across the country, offering expertise in consulting, recovery companions, case management, and interventions. Its compassionate and innovative staff coordinates care and assistance to hundreds of people struggling with addiction and mental health problems—inspiring individuals and families to face life’s challenges and achieve greater personal and economic independence.


Its mission is to help connect families and individuals struggling with addiction and mental health disorders with the best providers, professionals, recovery companions, and treatment resources to support long-term positive recovery outcomes.


When Connections in Recovery receives a call for help, there is usually only a small window of opportunity. Its worldwide network of mental health consulting services allows CiR to respond quickly to the client in crisis. It provides clients with personalized case management, interventions, treatment program options, addiction support services, safe transport, sober/mental health companions, hospitals and/or referrals to specialized medical and psychological professionals.


CiR LA, CiR East Coast, and CiR Europe are committed to finding the right solution for each individual and family, no matter what the situation.






Opioids, Teens, Young Adults; The Addiction Crisis is Real



CiRLA & CiR East Coast:


CiR Europe:

(00) + 1 + 888-617-1050

FR: 33 06 37 31 81 33

UK: 44 20 81 44 35 93




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