Connections in Recovery Europe

European Services

• Interventions
A highly trained interventionist will ease the difficult decision-making process regarding how to help your loved one take the next step toward recovering from an addiction or mental illness.
• Mental Health and Recovery Coaches and Companions
With ongoing clinical supervision.
• Clinical Case Management
Includes clinical case management as well as random drug testing.
• Consulting
Working directly with the family overwhelmed or in crisis. We provide comprehensive assessment of the individual’s needs and goals; extensive research of available treatment options; recommendations for a plan of action.
• Safe Transport
Dedicated and highly trained recovery companions provide supervision and support to individuals with addiction and/or mental health problems during travel in the U.S., Europe and internationally.
• Rapid Response Team
When we receive a call for help, there is usually only a small window of opportunity. Our nationwide network of addiction and mental health consulting services allows CiREurope to respond quickly to the client in crisis.

About Connections in Recovery LA, NY and Europe

Since 2011, Connections in Recovery (CiR has been a vital resource to individuals and families across the United States. We are now an international addiction and mental health treatment consulting company that offers expertise in interventions, case management, recovery companions, and coaching. Our mission then, and today, is to help connect families and individuals struggling with addiction and mental health disorders with the best providers, professionals, recovery companions and treatment resources to support long-term positive outcomes. CiR also provides professional referral services to physicians and clinicians worldwide.


Founded by Lauren Arborio and Patty Baret, CiR has devoted itself to helping individuals in need of addiction treatment and mental health recovery become vital community participants. In 2016, Connections in Recovery partnered with one of the region’s largest nonprofits dedicated to the wellness of New Yorkers faced with disabilities, mental illness and addiction, to create Connections in Recovery New York (CiRNY). Together, they launched a premier family service serving the metropolitan New York and Long Island communities, with two new CiRNY offices located in Manhattan and Long Island.


In 2017, Connections in Recovery announced they formed a collaborative relationship between The UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences and Connections in Recovery for creating scientifically based products that are focused on the industry of recovery from addictive disorders. Additionally, this partnership will conduct activities that seek to advance treatment advocacy for the prevention and treatment of addictive disorders.


Today, Connections in Recovery is expanding to the European market with the recently launched Connections in Recovery Europe. Due to the demand from families in the European countries reaching out more and more for addiction and mental health care management, Connections in Recovery felt it was important to establish a base in Europe to respond to the growing need.

CiR Europe