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CiR Co-founder Lauren Arborio and colleagues


Dufflyn Lammers, Connections In Recovery Director of European Services, teaching her workshop RESILIENCE GAMES at ICAAD to a sold-out room




CiR Co-founder Patty Baret (middle) and CiR Director of European Services (right)


Lauren Arborio and Director of Communications and Marketing Nathalie Baret


Dufflyn Lammers explaining what CiR does to bridge the gap between addiction and recovery



(May 21, 2019) – Paris, FR — OUR MISSION:

Connections in Recovery (CiR) assists individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues to connect with the best providers, recovery companions and treatment resources to support long-term positive recovery outcomes. Through personalized action plans, CiR is committed to finding the right solution, “best fit,” for each individual.


“CiR cares about you and your recovery. Our kind and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to this concept”


Connections in Recovery Europe services:
Mental Health and Recovery Coaches and Companions – With ongoing clinical supervision.
Clinical Case Management – Includes clinical case management as well as random drug testing.
Consulting – Working directly with the family overwhelmed or in crisis. We provide comprehensive assessment of the individual’s needs and goals; extensive research of available treatment options; recommendations for a plan of action.
Interventions – A highly trained interventionist will ease the difficult decision-making process regarding how to help your loved one take the next step toward recovering from an addiction or mental illness.
Safe Transport – Dedicated and highly trained recovery companions provide the following supervision and support to individuals with addiction and/or mental health problems during travel.


Rapid Response Team – When we receive a call for help, there is usually only a small window of opportunity. Our nationwide network of addiction and mental health consulting services allows CiREurope to respond quickly to the client in crisis.




Securing the right addiction or mental health treatment facility, team, and services can make all the difference in terms of outcome success. CiR is dedicated to helping you connect with the very best treatment opportunities to ensure that success.



Connections in Recovery is committed to “best fit” treatment program research consultation and placement. The recovery process can feel like unchartered foreign territory which, without support and guidance from experienced professionals, can prove extremely daunting terrain to navigate alone.

Keenly aware of this, CiR was created by professionals with the goal of helping clients and those who love them navigate the complete process in every possible way.



CiR is renowned for our superior Sober Companion services. Upon successful completion of primary treatment, many individuals–especially those struggling with dual-diagnoses–who suddenly find themselves re-entering an environment that could possibly regenerate maladaptive behaviors or habits, (or are even temporarily required to spend time in a potentially triggering environment or location), have discovered that having a Sober/Mental Health Companion beside them can mean the difference between continued emotional stability and relapse. These professionals can be present 24/7 to help the client restructure their daily addiction-free and emotionally restabilized life, while simultaneously helping them learn how to successfully negotiate their newly- balanced healthy lifestyle.


Some of the challenges a Companion can assist with include:
-Assistance with reintegration into productive society
-“Best fit” referrals to ancillary need residential, day treatment and/or outpatient programs
-Appropriate referrals to physicians, doctors, therapists, and other clinicians
-Support with family reunification
-12-Step meeting attendance supervision
-Recovery plan compliance assurance
-Daily phone support
-Guidance with daily schedule design and maintenance
-Support network coordination and guidance
-Securing and protecting the sobriety and emotional safety of a new environment
-Conflict resolution
-Continuity of care advocacy
-Providing non-judgmental culpability and accountability
-Medication management & compliancy
-Nutritional & exercise coaching
-Organizational skills
-Academic/vocational guidance & pursuit
-Business or travel sobriety security
-Court or legal appearance transportation & support (if appropriate)


Each of our European recovery companions is trained and supervised by a clinician.
MEET THE DIRECTOR > Dufflyn Lammers, CRS, CPC, RADT I, Director of European Services

MEET THE EXECUTIVE CLINICAL SUPERVISOR > Colleen Kelly, PhD, LMFT, Executive Clinical Supervisor of European Services




Connections In Recovery East Coast Companions receiving training by Alyson Cole, PsyD at Center for Living – NYC


Recovery from Alcohol, Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Connections In Recovery East Coast Companions training on suicide prevention and how to administer Narcan – at CiR Manhattan, NY office


Connections In Recovery Los Angeles Companions Training – with UCLA Professor Dr. Timothy W. Fong and CiR Clinical Supervisor Georgina K. Smith, Ph.D. – at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center – LA, CA.


Connections In Recovery Los Angeles Clinical Supervisor Georgina K. Smith, Ph.D. training CiR Sober and Mental Health Companions – at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center – LA, CA.


Connections In Recovery Co-Founders Patty Baret and Lauren Arborio discussing the history of CiR, why they started their company, how they could better help families, and the value in the CiR and UCLA ongoing partnership, including the yearly symposium with CEUs and regular meetings they hold to go over case studies as well as reviewing industry trends, and feedback, on the treatment industry and their providers.


~ Written by Nathalie Baret, CiR Director of Communications and Marketing, email: of PR, Win-Win Publicity House, email:

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