Consultation Services

Our consultations enable us to determine the best choices for our clients based on their particular circumstances. We specialize in treatment placement and as advocates for our clients, we always place their needs first. As an objective third-party, our addiction and mental health consultation services offer not only a legitimate viewpoint of treatment facilities, providers, doctors and clinicians, but one that has been personally vetted without any potentially compromising agenda. Because we constantly tour and research treatment facilities, residential & outpatient programs, and personally interview individual professional providers, our recommendations are current and state-of-the-art in terms of clinicians, services and programming.

CiR’s consultation services will help you with planning the next steps toward stabilizing your life through our three-prong process, which includes:

1.  Comprehensive assessment of your needs and goals

2.  Extensive research of available treatment options

3.  Recommendations for a plan of action

“I have known CiR Co-Founder Lauren Arborio for several years and am impressed by her extensive knowledge of resources for addiction services. She not only has a good grasp of what is required for a particular individual but knows how to help them find it. She is dedicated to helping people truly overcome addiction”
~ Alicia Ruelaz Maher, MD