Crisis & Rapid Response Services

When we receive a call for help, there is usually only a small window of opportunity. Our nationwide and global network of addiction and mental health consulting services allows CiR to respond quickly to the client in crisis, whether a client is in need of an intervention, safe transportation, a sober/mental health companion, coaching, and/or personalized case management. We will effectively assist you in coordinating care among multiple treatment providers in time-pressured or emergency situations.

“I am a Psychiatrist in New York City and I have worked with Connections in Recovery. They are very professional, fast, ready whenever called and extremely effective in getting high risk patients to treatment centers to begin the recovery process. I highly recommend this company as both interventionists and sober companions. They fill that crucial gap in treatment between the outpatient psychiatrist/psychotherapist and the inpatient treatment center”
~ A New York Psychiatrist