Connections in Recovery


Connections in Recovery (CiR) is renowned for its superior concierge companion and coaches services, which we put in place ten years ago. Our mental health companions and mental health coaches, who undergo rigorous, specialized training by a clinical psychologist, engage, support and guide individuals who struggle with mental health disorders so that they can function more productively in their day-to-day life. Some of the most common mental health issues we work with include anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, substance abuse, phobias, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, and mood disorder such as depression or feeling manic.

CiR mental health companions and recovery coaches/companions are trained in an evidence-based and integrated model, Behavioral Health Recovery Supervision model (BHRS), which was created by Georgina K. Smith, Ph.D., the Connections in Recovery clinical supervisor and a licensed clinical psychologist. This comprehensive, ongoing training program ensures that each of our clients receives the highest quality of care and support in achieving their mental health recovery goals.

As an EMDR clinician, substance use disorders specialist, case management consultant, and educator, Dr. Smith’s treatment specialties include addiction, depression, trauma, relationship issues, borderline personality disorder, self-injury, impulse regulation issues, and eating disorders.

CiR is proud to offer 24/7 moment-to-moment supervision by a licensed clinician, ensuring safety and quality care at all times. Each coach/companion receives ongoing clinical support and guidance through the duration of their time with the client. This has been a tremendous asset, especially in more complex cases as well as when transporting a client to a safe location or treatment program.

Our highly trained compassionate companions and coaches are available 24/7 to support you by offering the following:

  • Monitoring and support to maintain overall wellness and safety
  • Assistance with daily living and successfully returning to the community and/or work
  • Motivation and guidance to set and achieve goals
  • Skills and strategies that will help to overcome life’s roadblocks and challenges
  • Collaboration with treatment teams to ensure that goals are achieved and prescribed treatments are being implemented
  • Development of a realistic plan to improve various areas of daily living: budgeting, educational planning, professional guidance, sobriety, stability, medication management and physical health
“We invest in training and ongoing clinical supervision for all of our coaches and companions to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality of services to our clients and their families.”  ~ Connections in Recovery Los Angeles and Connections in Recovery East Coast
Connections in Recovery

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