Connections in Recovery Sober Transport, Los Angeles

Connections in Recovery Sober Transport in Los Angeles – Holiday Season Triggers

There are times when it is necessary for the individual to leave treatment and go home for court appearances, work, or family obligations. CiR trained companions are able to stay with the individual for the duration of their stay and bring them back safely into their treatment facility or home. CiR has safely helped loved ones travel to and from where they need to go/be since 2011.


Going Home for the Holidays

Connections in Recovery Sober Transport, Los Angeles


Holiday season can be a challenging, triggering time for those who are trying to stay sober, whether newly sober or if in recovery for a while. Instead of going through what could be a stressful time on their own, our Connections in Recovery Los Angeles trained companions can be there by their side, helping them stay sober and feel safe during the holidays.


About our Companions

CiR’s sober transport services provides an individual with a trained travel companion, who is able to safely escort that individual from one point to another. We travel anywhere in the world within moments notice. We can provide all travel arrangements, assist with proper documentation, as well as can help with packing and unpacking.


If going to treatment, our travel companions will make sure all discharge paperwork, medical documentation, and personal belongings get into the proper hands of the facility they are going to.


Our sober transport services are utilized for:


  • -Upon hospital discharge to treatment facility.
  • -Home to treatment facility.
  • -From one treatment facility to another.
  • -From jail to treatment facility.
  • -From treatment to home.
  • -To and from family gatherings, and special events.


Connections in Recovery Sober Transport, Los Angeles




To learn more about our sober transport services and program, or if you know someone who can benefit from our services, please contact us:


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