Connections in Recovery is renowned for its superior concierge coaches and companions services; supervised by a clinician. All of our Connections in Recovery Los Angeles  (CiRLA) Recovery Coaching staff receive rigorous, specialized training by our Clinical Director Georgina Smith, Ph.D.

“We invest in training and ongoing clinical supervision for all of our coaches and companions to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality of service to our clients and their families” ~ Connections in Recovery

Connections in Recovery invests in training and ongoing clinical supervision for all of their coaches and companions to ensure that they are delivering the highest quality of service to their clients and their families. Furthermore, each individual receives ongoing clinical support and guidance through their duration with the client, which has been a tremendous asset to coaches and companions, especially with the more complex cases. Clinical supervision is offered 24/7, including throughout the process of transporting a client to a safe location or treatment program.

As Connections in Recovery’s Clinical Supervisor, psychologist Dr. Georgina Smith provides clinical supervision to CiRLA staff and companions on complex mental health and dual-diagnosis cases, conducts family consultations and assessments, and offers psychoeducation-based trainings to the recovery team to support them in their roles in providing the highest standard of care to ensure each client reaches his or her goals. 

Connections in Recovery Clinical Supervisor,
Dr. Georgina Smith, PhD

About Dr. Georgina Smith: Dr. Smith is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, EMDR clinician, addiction specialist, case management consultant, public speaker and educator. Dr. Smith’s treatment specialties include addiction, trauma, relationship issues, borderline personality disorder, self-injury, impulse regulation issues, and eating disorders. Dr. Smith also has extensive experience treating depression, mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, domestic violence-related trauma, grief and loss, codependency, and phase-of-life difficulties.

Watch the Video of Dr. Georgina Smith speaking at the Connections in Recovery/UCLA Addiction and Mental Health Symposium.

Connections in Recovery Coaches and Companions 

Our companions and coaches help an individual in recovery—whether they are dealing with substance abuse, mental health, or dual diagnosis issues—to overcome obstacles and make healthier life changes or shifts in their lives and spend less time struggling. They are able to help keep the loved one accountable and on-track while moving forward in accomplishing short and long-term goals. They are trained in:

  • Precise decision-making
  • Effective integration of treatment team’s recommendations
  • Clinically informed goal-planning
  • Strategies to overcome resistance
  • Well informed responsiveness to high-risk situations               
Photo by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash

Connections in Recovery Companions and Coaches help with:

  • Assistance with reintegration into productive society
  • Assisting in keeping clients safe
  • Support with family reunification
  • Connecting to a recovery community
  • Daily phone support with coach/companion
  • Guidance and help with daily schedule design and maintenance
  • Executive functioning
  • Negotiating new and/or old challenges
  • Providing non-judgmental culpability and accountability
  • Medication management & compliancy
  • Nutritional & exercise coaching
  • Developing, prioritizing and achievement of short and long-term goals
  • Academic/vocational guidance & pursuit
  • Business or travel safe transports
  • Court or legal appearance transportation & support (if appropriate)

If you or a loved one needs guidance and support, visit us at www.connectionsinrecovery.com or give us a call at 1-888-617-1050.