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“I am a Psychiatrist in New York City and I have worked with Connections in Recovery. They are very professional, fast, ready whenever called and extremely effective in getting high risk patients to treatment centers to begin the recovery process. I highly recommend this company as both interventionists and sober companions. They fill that crucial gap in treatment between the outpatient psychiatrist/psychotherapist and the inpatient treatment center” ~ Dr. Ditzell


“CiR cares about you and your recovery. Our kind and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to this concept.” ~ CiR 

Connections in Recovery (CiR) connects individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues with the best providers, recovery companions and treatment resources to support long-term positive recovery outcomes. Through personalized action plans, CiR is committed to finding the best fit solution for each individual.

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Connections in Recovery (CiR) is an international addiction and mental health treatment organization that offers expert pre-and post-addiction and mental health treatment services through consultations and support services, interventionscase management, safe transportation, trained recovery and mental health companions that undergo rigorous, specialized clinical training, and recovery life coaching. Since 2011, our highly trained 24/7 staff and sober/recovery coaches and companions have coordinated care and assistance to hundreds of people struggling — inspiring individuals and families to face life’s challenges and achieve greater personal and economic independence.

“My mental health companion is amazing! She is an incredible woman and has been a tremendous help in the short time we have been together! I now recognize why your company is so successful, and value the communication and continuity of care. I have stopped all contact with the other coaching company. Thank you for bringing her into my life!” ~ R.P. (Patient)


Our nationwide network of services allows us to respond quickly when a client is in need of an intervention, safe transportation, a sober/recovery coach, life coaching and/or personalized case management. We meet you where you are, both physically and emotionally, to effectively assist you in coordinating care among multiple treatment providers in urgent situations.

CiR Rapid Response Team


Connections in Recovery in Los Angeles is operated by co-founders Lauren Arborio and Patty Baret. Also on staff is Psychologist and CiRLA Clinical Supervisor Georgina Smith, Ph.D., and Senior Case Manager Lauren Casey, Ph.D. Together, they have implemented a comprehensive case management strategy that focuses on the unique needs of each individual and encompasses overall wellness.

Co-Founders Lauren Arborio & Patty Baret
“My daughter, struggling with several years to be sober, was helped by Connections in Recovery. I have seen such growth, both mentally and physically in her life. Patty Baret took my daughter under her wing and has been there for her on such a personal level. Patty does not judge or criticize but listens with her mind and heart and advises her through her knowledge and personal experiences, in such a way that allows my daughter to make the best decisions for herself.” ~ Mary Pat Finn (Mother)


“CiR Sober Companions/Coaches are exceedingly trained recovery professionals who work with clients on a one-to-one basis” ~ Dr. Don Grant, MA, MFA, CCDC, PhD.


Connections in Recovery

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