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Our experienced teams in Los Angeles, New York and Europe provide a number of mental health and substance use disorder consultation services.

Consultation Services

We consult directly with medical providers and families seeking help for their loved ones.

Our consultations enable us to determine the best choices for our clients based on their particular circumstances. We specialize in treatment placement and acting as advocates for our clients — always placing their needs first.

As an objective third party, our addiction and mental health consultation services offer not only a legitimate viewpoint of treatment facilities, providers, doctors and clinicians, but one that has been personally vetted without any potentially compromising agenda. Because we constantly tour and research treatment facilities, residential programs, and outpatient programs, and personally interview individual professional providers, our recommendations are current and state-of-the-art in terms of clinicians, services and programming.

CiR’s consultation services help clients with planning the next steps toward stabilizing their lives through our three-pronged process:

  • Comprehensive assessment of needs and goals
  • Extensive research of available treatment options
  • Recommendations for a plan of action

Some treatment options might include an intervention, inpatient residential treatment, in-home detox, recovery companionship, and/or safe transport to and from the treatment facility. Our services also extend to post-treatment, where we can ensure clients are set up for success in transitioning back into their normal routine and home life.

To Book a Consult  please email us here. Consults start at $750 

Comprehensive Case Management Services

Since each human being has its own individual footprint—story—treating drug/alcohol addiction and mental illness requires experienced, precise care. With a focus on an overall solution—a plan for the client—case management aims at helping to address not only what can be a combination of potential underlying causes/layers that need to be observed immediately, but it also is an involved process centered on long-term success.

Our substance use disorder/mental health case management team consisting of our clinical partners at UCLA and private practice therapist and psychologists provide you and your family with the guidance and support necessary to navigate all stages of recovery. Our case mangers are there for you every step of the way implementing the treatment plan, identifying resources, scheduling appointments, and act as the liaison between one’s treatment team and family.

A Case Manager:

  • Assists with aftercare planning once patient discharges from treatment this incudes identifying such resources as a therapist, internist, psychiatry, specialty providers, outpatient program, sober living 
  • Provides the client a single point of contact for multiple health and social services systems
  • Full treatment planning, screening and assessment
  • Communicates with providers and families on a weekly basis or as needed
  • Advocates for the client
  • Brokers for resources, (living arrangements, job search, school enrollment, volunteering, moving, health and wellness and more
  • Develops case action plans
  • Determines if eligibility for benefits
  • Monitors, evaluates, and gives feedback of the process
  • Records case progress
  • Coordinates drug testing services
  • Assists with legal services and conservatorships

Companions & Coaches for Mental Health, Substance Use and Executive Functioning

Connections in Recovery (CiR) is renowned its referral base of superior concierge companion and coaches services, which we put in place over a decade ago. Mental health companions and mental health coaches, support and guide individuals who struggle with mental health disorders so that they can function more productively in their day-to-day life. Some of the most common mental health issues we work with include: bipolar disorders, trauma, personality disorders, substance misuse, phobias, attention deficient diorders, spectrum disorders, executive functioning , personality disorders, active psychosis, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, and mood disorders such as depression, and anxiety

CiR’s case managers coordinated hourly or 24/7 in home support ensuring safety and quality care at all times. Each coach/companion receives ongoing support and guidance through the duration of their time with the client. This has been a tremendous asset, especially in more complex cases as well as when transporting a client to a safe location or treatment program.

Companions and coaches support you by:

  • Monitoring and support to maintain overall wellness and safety
  • Assistance with daily living and successfully returning to the community and/or work
  • Motivation and guidance to set and achieve goals
  • Skills and strategies that will help to overcome life’s roadblocks and challenges
  • Collaboration with treatment teams to ensure that goals are achieved and prescribed treatments are being implemented
  • Development of a realistic plan to improve various areas of daily living: budgeting, educational planning, professional guidance, sobriety, stability, medication management, organization, wellness and physical health
  • Executive Functioning
  • Problem solving
  • Time management
  • Distress tolerence
  • Prioritizing
  • Working memory
  • Communication skills
  • Planning and organizing
  • Adaptable thinking
  • Self motivation

Crisis & Rapid Response Services

When we receive a call for help in a crisis situation, there is usually only a small window of opportunity. Our global network of addiction and mental health consulting services allows CiR to respond quickly to the client in crisis, whether that person is in need of an intervention, safe transportation, a sober/mental health companion coaching, and/or personalized case management. We will effectively assist you in coordinating care among multiple treatment providers in time-pressured or emergency situations

In-Home Detox Services

Sometimes individuals struggling with substance use disorders may not want to undergo an inpatient detox — they are costly and take an individual away from their obligations. In certain circumstances — as advised by a medical dotor — individuals may be able to detox in the comfort of their own home.

Collaborating with an experienced clinical team, CiR provides support and comfort through the arduous detox process in the privacy of the client’s own home. Along with a nurse, or doctor our detox companions provide around-the-clock monitoring of the person’s detox process in accordance with the strict guidelines of a physician.

Advantages of using our in-home detox service include:

  • Privacy
  • Empathetic and tailored support during the detox period
  • Facilitation of communication with medical professionals
  • Minimal disruption to the daily life of the individual

We can also help the person find sustainable recovery through our companionship and coaching services and case management.

Intervention Services

Helping an individual struggling with substance use disorder — or any other behavioral disorder — can be challenging, especially for families. The nature of some of these disorders means that often the person is unable to see the extent or severity of their problem, or the need for professional intervention and specialized treatment.

This is where an intervention can help. Interventionists are highly trained in facilitating these difficult and often confrontational situations, while navigating fraught emotions and focusing on the overall well-being of the individual who needs help.

Our referral-based interventionists can ease the difficult decision-making process around helping your loved one take the next step toward recovering from substance use disorder or mental illness by providing the following assistance:

  • Hosting pre-intervention meetings to answer questions and guide each person in how to communicate effectively in the intervention for the best possible outcome
  • Extensive research of available treatment options and recommend next steps
  • Facilitate the intervention to motivate the individual in taking action toward getting specialist help and treatment
  • Working with the family system to ensure the best recovery outcome
  • Providing 30 days of post-intervention case management to facilitate treatment
  • We can also help individuals by providing safe transportation to and from treatment facilities as well as offering recovery and mental health companions to ensure each person gets the right amount of support post-treatment.

Safe Transportation Services

Dedicated and highly trained travel recovery companions provide support individuals with substance use and mental health disorders, as well as people in recovery, during travel. Our in-house travel consultants are able to book and coordinate all travel arrangements.


  • Encourage and motivate clients to ensure that they successfully arrive at their destination.
  • Facilitate a successful and timely arrival to a variety of contexts, such as home, a treatment facility, hospital, or any other requested location
  • Coordinate all written and verbal communication between all relevant parties
  • Remain with the client until they have been properly received at their destination

Whether the person needs transport to a treatment facility following an intervention, support during a stressful family or social function, or assistance with business travel, we can help. Our discreet companions can assist individuals maintain recovery in a number of stressful situations. 

Adolescent Services

Connections in Recovery provides case management and referrals for coaching and companion services to help adolescents and young adults. Along an experienced clinical team, CiR offers guidance, support, and tools to enhance your loved one’s mental health and overall well-being

For more than a decade, CiR has been scaffolding substance misuse and mental health recovery with its comprehensive nationwide and global network of recovery services. We use a collaborative approach, working in conjunction with clinical teams and educational consultants. Furthermore, as an objective third-party, we are often the eyes and ears in the industry, offering not only a legitimate viewpoint of treatment facilities, providers, doctors and clinicians, but one that has been personally vetted without any potentially compromising agenda. Because we constantly tour and research treatment facilities, residential & outpatient programs, and personally interview individual professional providers, our recommendations are current and state-of-the-art in terms of clinicians, services and programming.

Often parents need support in the home and assisting with outside actives for their adolescents. Adolescents can have a challenging time cooperating with their parents, we find this is when coaches and companions can be helpful.

Along with the patients and clinical team our case managers and coaches support adolescents with the following:

  • Driving or escorting to school and after school activities
  • Supporting healthy eating habits
  • Healthy device management (social media)
  • Support with social anxiety
  • Support with executive functioning
  • Engaging in healthy activities healthy relationships
  • Academic support
  • Preventing self-harming behaviors ie. cutting
  • Implementing safety plan
  • Supporting emotional regulation

We are here to help

To find out how we can help you or a loved one, or if you’re a professional looking to refer a client who can benefit from our services, please give us a call or send us a message.