We are an international addiction and mental health organization that offers expert pre-and post-addiction and mental health treatment services through consultations/assessment and support services, interventions, case management, safe transport, trained recovery and mental health companions, who undergo rigorous, specialized clinical training and receive on-going supervision by a clinical psychologist. We also provide recovery life coaching services.


Since 2011, our highly-trained staff and recovery and mental health companions have coordinated care and assistance to hundreds of people struggling with addiction and mental health issues—inspiring individuals and families to face life’s challenges and achieve greater personal and economic independence.


Connections in Recovery (CiR) is operated by co-founders Lauren Arborio and Patty Baret. Also on staff is Psychologist and CiR Clinical Supervisor Georgina Smith, Ph.D., and Senior Case Manager Roxan Malloy, A.S.W., M.S.W., B.S. Together they have implemented a comprehensive case management strategy that ensures that each of our clients receive the highest quality of care.

For your convenience, CiR offers:

  • Services for the Los Angeles and east coast area as well as abroad
  • Appointments in the comfort of your own home

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Connections in Recovery (CiR) is dedicated to helping improve the lives of others by connecting them to mental health and addiction resources in the community. Choosing the right addiction or mental health services, professional support, and treatment can make all the difference in terms of outcome success. CiR is dedicated to helping you quickly connect with the very best treatment opportunities to ensure that success. Our rapid response team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions, or help reconcile any crises that unexpectedly occur. Our expert and compassionate staff is committed to guiding you through both the expected and unexpected.

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