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CiR Adolescent Services

Connections in Recovery in Colorado, Los Angeles, New York and Europe provides adolescent services, which includes case management, coaching and companion services. With experienced clinical collaborators, we offer guidance, support, and tools to help adolescents and young adults.

Since 2011, Connections in Recovery (CiR) has been scaffolding substance misuse and mental health recovery with its comprehensive nationwide and global network of recovery services. Using a collaborative approach, CiR‘s executive team works in conjunction with clinical teams and educational consultants. Furthermore, as an objective third-party, CiR is often the eyes and ears in the industry, offering not only a legitimate viewpoint of treatment facilities, providers, doctors and clinicians, but one that has been personally carefully vetted. Because we constantly tour and research treatment facilities, residential & outpatient programs, and personally interview individual professional providers, CiR’s recommendations are current and state-of-the-art in terms of clinicians, services and programming.

CiR specializes in providing the following support to adolescents and young adults:

  • Academic support and planning
  • Referrals to therapists, psychiatrists, and other providers
  • Psychological and educational assessments/testing referrals
  • College application coaching
  • Executive functioning support: time management, organization, self-care/personal hygiene, safety guidance, healthy eating, cleaning, budgeting, resume building, vocational support, volunteering opportunities
  • Life skills
  • Safe transport to treatment
  • Professional companion support services
  • Relocating and successfully transitioning to a new city, academic environment, or community (including daily living/emotional support resource recommendations)
  • Substance misuse and addiction services
  • Social struggles
  • Gender/sexual identity support
  • Healthy device management
  • Scheduling and attending medical, therapeutic, and academic appointments
  • Goal setting
  • Internship identification, investigation, and application
  • Crisis support
  • Wellness checks
  • Treatment guidance and support, including comprehensive clinical and appropriate level of care assessments, “best fit” facility exploration, investigation, identification, recommendations, and enrollment
  • Parent coaching
  • Help with study abroad planning

If you think that your loved one is struggling, rest assured that together we will find the right solution for them. We empower teens up to young adults to overcome obstacles and make healthier life changes or shifts in their lives, while moving them forward in accomplishing short and long-term goals.

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