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In the News: CiR Wellness-A Concierge Service for the Mind and Body


For anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle, they must realize, wellness is journey, not a destination. There are many paths to choose from and finding the right way can be overwhelming and sometimes difficult to navigate all the options. This is why Lauren Arborio started Cir Wellness, a comprehensive wellness platform, that guides and connects clients looking to make a healthy change in their lives with top-tier wellness experts and programs.

“Think of us like your travel agent to wellness,” said Arborio. “We are a comprehensive platform that seamlessly connects individuals with a curated selection of wellness professionals, experiences, retreats, and spas. We offer packages and a la carte services with registered dietitian nutritionists, fitness trainers, yoga instructors, holistic practitioners, and your own personal wellness coach to keep you on track and accountable.”

This is not Arborio’s first venture as a guide to a better way of living. Over 14 years ago, Arborio, along with co-founder Patty Baret, started Connections in Recovery, a program dedicated to connecting individuals struggling with mental health and substance misuse to the best providers, recovery companions and treatment resources to support long-term positive recovery and wellness.

Unlike Connections in Recovery, which focuses on mental health and addiction, Cir Wellness is for anyone that wants to live a more conscious life, create healthy habits and increase longevity.

After many successful years in the recovery space, Arborio admits she wanted to start engaging in something for everyone. Over Covid when she had a lot of time to research, read, go on zooms, and listen to pod casts Arborio said a little “ding” went off in her head and said, we should really do something that everyone can participate in, for anyone who wants to be healthier.”

Based on her own personal experience of making changes to her diet, fitness routines and managing the inevitable aging process she saw a need for clarity and direction in the space of wellness.

“As an aging woman in society you have body changes, you don’t look the way you once did. your body type, your weight, and your energy level change.”  Said Arborio.

Cir Wellness offers seamless access to transformative experiences tailored to the individuals needs.

“We offer different packages depending on your own personal commitment and the results you wish to achieve.” Arborio Said. “We also are conscious of budget and will help find the right services for you. If you need to work out but can’t afford a trainer, we’ll suggest several affordable (and sometimes free) activities and your Cir Wellness coach will hold you accountable. If you want a full luxury, hand-held experience, we have offerings for you too.”

Each new client will start with a comprehensive intake of what they want to accomplish followed by a medical workup and meeting with a nutritionist if found necessary.

Arborio who loves to travel and take cooking classes everywhere she travels mentions, “We also are able to connect you with the wellness resorts and retreats around the world.”

In addition to the concierge-like services Cir Wellness offers, Arborio hosts complimentary wellness expert panel discussions for the community. Her most recent one, held in the Caruso Village Swarthmore room, included:

Medea Juhas; a Holistic Health Coach-Holistic Nutritionist. Founder and formulator of Herbalore and the highly acclaimed luxe wellness beauty supplement, Catalyst Gold. A mixture of superfoods, superfruits, chinese herbs, amino acids, adaptogens and vitamins, the formula can create changes on the cellular level. Customers who take Catalyst Gold almost immediately report back increased energy/stamina, better digestion, faster metabolism, decreased sugar cravings and just an overall feeling of well-being click here.

Michelle Kronenberg; a Somatic and Yoga Therapist, Mindfulness Teacher and Nutrition coach offers a powerful combination of modalities, that encourage embodiment, space, and freedom. Her program is highly nuanced and individualized to support overall well-being. This includes practices like restorative yoga, breathwork, iRest YogaNidra, somatic experiencing, mindfulness meditation, as well as hands-on energy healing and bodywork techniques. Michelle, who survived a brain aneurysm herself, specializes in pain management at the California Pain Medicine Center. She believes in meeting people where they are and inspires others to live fully despite life’s challenges click here.

Danielle Mc Carron; best-selling author, therapist, coach, is currently a Ph.D. Candidate, studying Mind-Body Medicine with a specialization in mindful leadership in healthcare, researching the burnout of female leaders. In her book, “Journey Back to You”, she outlines simple, practical, and insightful practices for everyone to use to make lasting lifestyle changes. Danielle’s mission is to empower others to discover who they really are and live in that freedom​ click here.

Yvette Rose; Certified Holistic Health Coach with a focus on nutrition, gut-brain health, dietary supplements, and meditation for a healthier mindset. She offers a THE JOULEBODY 3-DAY CLEANSE which is designed to elevate focus, ignite energy, and induce relaxation. Rose noticed the absence of convenient, gut-brain supporting food in the market, so she created her own teas and bars for on-the-go mom and entrepreneurs like her. click here.

When asked the question, what are three areas to focus on first when embarking on a wellness journey, all the experts agreed movement, clean eating, and mental health were key.

Just like there is no “one size fits all” solution, there are also no “quick fixes”. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you must first commit to yourself and do your homework. There are a lot of “fake health foods and products” on the market. It is important that you learn how to read labels and understand ingredients.

There are also a lot of health “fads” introduced by wellness influencers on the various social media platforms. This includes skincare which directly affects our largest organ in the body, our skin. Many teenagers are falling into a vicious cycle of overuse of products that are not only damaging to their skin but also their (parents) wallets.

How do we know if something is a fad or the perfect fix? With so many products, practices, and programs available; from juice cleanses to Celtic Sea Salt, lymphatic drainage, intermittent fasting, keto, vegan, supplements, mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Somatic Experiencing, cold plunges and more; it’s no wonder people often get lost on their way to wellness.

However, if you are ready to take the first step, allow Lauren Arborio and CiR Wellness to steer you in the right direction, to reach your goals within your budget and schedule. They are a one stop shop, a hub for your personal health and fitness. Connecting you to the best wellness experts out there.

The next CiR Wellness Panel will take place in New York City, on May 9, 2024, at ARRIVE (formerly Studio 26), at 129 West 29th Street, on the Second Floor. More details announced soon on CiR’s socials www.instagram.com/connectionsinrecovery.

To find out more about CiR Wellness, visit https://connectionsinrecovery.com/wellness-coaching-program/

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