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November 20, 2020


Sober Transports Sober Companions Connections in Recovery.

Connections in Recovery Los Angeles, New York, and Europe Sober and Mental Health Companion Division Provides Safe, Personalized Travel Nationwide and Worldwide.

As we approach the most festive time of the year, with Thanksgiving and the Holidays ahead, these times can be triggers for many individuals who have family obligations to attend. Or, there are times it is necessary for the individual to go to treatment or to leave and go home, appear for court appearances, or travel for work. Connections in Recovery (CiR) Companions are able to stay with the individual and bring them back safely into their treatment facility, destination or home. CiR has safely helped loved ones travel to and from where they need to go/be since 2011.

“We’ll hold your hand and guide you, making sure you and your loved ones receive the out most quality, care, personalized attention and detail every step of the way” ~ Connection In Recovery founders’ Lauren Arborio and Patty Baret

(Los Angeles, Calif. – November 20, 2020) – Connections in Recovery gives individuals extra-care, safe, personalized travel from one point to another. We travel anywhere in the states and worldwide within moments notice. Our safe travel companions are able to support clients not only during the flight to and from home, but also support them during sometimes emotionally and triggering time. We can provide all travel arrangements and assist with proper travel documentation. Our companions will make sure all discharge paperwork, medical documentation, and personal belongings get into the proper hands of where they are going to, whether it is for sober/mental health travel for Treatment, or Business or Leisure.  Did You Know? Our safe transport services are utilized:

  • Upon Hospital Discharge to Treatment Facility
  • Home to Treatment facility
  • From one Treatment Facility to another/Transitioning from inpatient treatment to sober living
  • From Jail to Treatment Facility provide clients and their families with the extra care necessary to ensure that the experience of transition to a new, sober life is a positive one.
  • Travel, including business trips
  • High risk events, including weddings and family gatherings, funerals, special events, media appearances, reunions, tours and more.

Going home while in Treatment: There are times when it is necessary for the individual to leave treatment for personal or professional obligations. Our companion is able to stay with the individual for the duration of their stay and bring them back safely to return to reenter into their treatment program. We will stay with your loved one until they are safely admitted/checked-in into the chosen treatment program.

Sober Transports Sober Companions Connections in Recovery

Connections in Recovery, a personalized international company, helps people and families across the states and globe with addiction and mental health disorders. CiR co-founder Patty Baret, a fluent-French-speaking native born in the South of France, and who spent time living in Morocco as well, says, “From Israel, India, China, Thailand, Argentina, South Africa, France, the United Kingdom and on, our aim and focus is helping you, immediately, to get to where you need to be. So if someone needs us to go with them, or to come and get them and bring them back safely to their country of origin, we’ll do it.”

What is A Sober/Mental Health Travel Companion? A Sober or Mental Health Travel Companion is a specialist who travels with someone with mental illnesses and/or substance use disorders to ensure they arrive to their destination. Transportation can be overwhelming for family relatives to take care of (and all that it entails) to get their loved one safe so they can commence their road to recovery. A travel companion is called in to transport someone to and from detox, residential treatment for substance abuse, mental health or dual-diagnosis issues, and sober living facilities. Calling CiR can put all of that to ease as they handle all details from start to finish. 

To learn more about our sober transport services, or if you know someone who can benefit from our services, please contact us:

Los Angeles/West Coast: 888.617.1050, 310.488.6196, Info@ConnectionsInRecovery.com

You can also find out about all of our services HERE.

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