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Unlocking Recovery: CiR Paris Comprehensive Support

Paris Services for Students.

For students studying or working in Paris, Connections in Recovery Europe offers comprehensive case management services tailored to your unique needs.

From identifying resources for mental health and addiction services, to providing academic supportexecutive functioning assistance, and even housing and moving services, we’re here to help you thrive in every aspect of your life.

Offering academic and recovery support to international students studying in Paris is essential for ensuring their success and well-being. Our comprehensive approach involves providing tailored academic assistance, including tutoring, to help students excel in their coursework despite potential language barriers or cultural differences.

Additionally, we offer recovery support services via our recovery companions and/or mental health companions, access to mental health resources, support groups, and counseling, to address any challenges related to substance use disorders or mental health issues. By creating a supportive environment that addresses both academic and/or recovery needs, we aim to empower international students to thrive academically while prioritizing their health and well-being during their time abroad.

College students with executive functioning challenges often face difficulties in managing their academic responsibilities, organizing their time effectively, and maintaining focus on tasks. To support these students, it’s crucial to provide strategies and accommodations that address their specific needs. This may include breaking down tasks into smaller, more manageable steps, implementing visual aids and reminders, utilizing technology for organization and scheduling, offering regular check-ins and support from academic advisors or counselors, and fostering a supportive and understanding learning environment.

Additionally, teaching self-regulation techniques and mindfulness practices can help students develop greater awareness and control over their executive functions, empowering them to succeed academically and beyond.

At CiR Europe, our dedicated and highly trained recovery companions provide supervision and support in Paris and within Europe.

Adolescent to Adult Services in Paris.

A Multi-Dimensional, Collaborative Approach   With the presence of complex mental health disorders on the rise, along with substance misuse, a multi-dimensional approach is mandatory. Connections in Recovery Europe provides multi-dimensional services including:  
-Crisis services and support 
-In home assessment, wellness checks,
-Vetting treatment facilities worldwide
-Case management
-Treatment placement and support
-24/7 recovery companions, available for live-in as well as outpatient 
-Safe transport services 
-Mental health coaching and companions, fully vetted

CiR Europe offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to support individuals of any age on their journey to recovery.

Our team includes experienced Mental Health and Recovery Coaches and Companions who provide personalized guidance and support. Our Case Management services encompass thorough assessments, random drug testing, and assistance with daily challenges. We also offer Consulting services, guiding families overwhelmed by crisis, with detailed assessments, research, and actionable recommendations. Our highly trained Interventionists facilitate difficult decisions around addiction and mental illness recovery, while our Safe Transport team ensures discreet support during travel.

Additionally, our Rapid Response Team ensures swift assistance to clients in crisis situations, utilizing our nationwide network of resources.

To find out how we can help you or a loved one, or if you’re a professional looking to refer a client who can benefit from our services, please give us a call 1-888-617-1050 or send us a message.

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