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5 Delicious Sober Mocktails

With the rise of the sober curious movement, the demand for sober mocktails and social events sans booze are becoming increasingly popular. And that’s great for the 22 million of us in recovery, because life should be fun and have lots of inclusive options. 

The demand for alcohol-free drinks is a rapidly expanding market. According to TIME magazine, between 2016-2019, alcohol-free mixed drinks grew 35 percent as the average beverage type on menus in bars and restaurants, with 17 percent of those surveyed by Mintel saying they’re interested in mocktails.

Sober innovators like Chris Marshall who created Sans Bar* — a sober bar in Austin that is also hosting a tour of pop-up bars across the country — are meeting our needs to socialize in safe spaces where we can enjoy delicious sober mocktails.  Other sober bars include Getaway in Brooklyn and Listen Bar in New York. There is also an increasing social media presence of sober mocktail ideas as well as distributors of interesting drink options. Check out The Mocktail Project, Mocktail Club, The Mocktail Club, Mantras and Mocktails, Mingle Mocktails, Seedlip USA, Curious Elixirs, and Gruvi.

For those of you who would rather make these drinks at home, or if you want some dinner party ideas, we’ve rounded up our top five flavorful sober mocktails for you to enjoy!

Berry Smash  

by Mingle Mocktails

Mingle Mocktails blackberry bellini cocktail
Mingle Mocktails Blackberry Bellini cocktail


Mingle Mocktails Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini

Handful of blueberries or raspberries



Muddle fresh blueberries or raspberries in a glass and then pour Mingle over ice.

Curious Summer Twist 

By Curious Elixirs

Curious Elixirs summer twist
Curious Elixirs Summer Twist


Blood orange juice

Blood or regular orange

Club soda

Crushed ice

Tbsp salt and tbsp sugar


Create a sugar salt rim by dipping a glass into water or orange juice, and then into the salt and sugar mixture. Pour soda water into two-thirds of the glass and then top with blood orange juice and a slice of orange (blood orange if you can find one).

NA Mint Julep

By The Mocktail Project

Non-alcoholic mint julep
NA Mint Julep

1.5 oz apple cider syrup*

6 mint leaves

Shaved ice

Club soda

Mint leaves for garnish


Pour apple cider syrup in a glass. Add mint leaves and shaved ice. Top off with club soda and garnish with mint leaves.

*You can find apple cider syrup on Amazon or most big grocery stores. 


By Seedlip

Seedlip minosa
Seedlip Minosa


2 oz Seedlip Grove 42

1 oz clementine juice

Cold soda

Edible flower

Flute glass


Add Seedlip Grove and clementine juice to a flute. Top off with club soda and garnish with an edible flower. 

Use code SEEDLIPTHANKS for 20% off your first order.

The Ruby Rose

By Sans Bar

The Ruby Rose Mocktail
The Ruby Rose


1 shot of Borrago distilled botanicals

1 oz thyme simple syrup

4 oz fresh squeezed grapefruit juice

Top with club soda 

Squeeze of lime (optional)

Fresh thyme sprig for garnish


Add Borrago and simple syrup to glass, then add grapefruit juice, and top with club soda. Add a squeeze of lime and garnish with fresh thyme.

Are you struggling to have fun in recovery or do you feel uncomfortable in certain social situations? We can help. Contact us today to see how we can help you lead a more joyful life in recovery. 

*Note that Sans Bar has a pop-up in LA on Saturday, September 28 — get your tickets here!

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