Connections in Recovery New York’s Sober and Mental Health Coaches provide concierge services, which includes individually hand-picked and well-matched sober coach/sober companions and/or mental health coach/mental health companions to each individual struggling with mental, alcohol and/or drug addiction issues.

Some of the challenges a Connections in Recovery New York sober and mental health coach can assist with include:

*“Best fit” referrals to ancillary need residential, day treatment and/or outpatient programs.

*Providing Client with non-judgmental culpability and accountability.

*12-Step meeting attendance supervision.

*Daily phone support.

*Guidance and help with daily schedule design and maintenance.

*Deconstructing client challenges or fears into manageable components, as they happen, in real time.

*Negotiating new and/or old challenges: Helping client to identify and recognize self-destructive patterns of thinking, feeling and acting as they unfold in real time.

*Assisting client with development of personalized relapse prevention strategies, skills, and tools.

*Supporting client implementation of these strategies, skills, and tools.

*Relapse prevention skill building, including reinforcement of the potential consequences of drinking/substance abuse/unhealthy behaviors.

*Client confidence building.

*Assistance with reintegration into productive society.

*Support with family reunification.

*Identifying and correcting maladaptive “old behaviors.”

*Identifying and resolving personal and environmental obstacles to recovery.

*Developing, prioritizing, and achievement of both short and long-term goals.

*Random drug testing (if needed).

*Transportation travel sobriety security to all doctor and/or therapy appointments as well as any other approved professional/personal/social engagements.

*Serving as a solid link between treatment and the home/work environments.

*Medication management & compliancy.

*Nutritional & exercise coaching.

*Academic/vocational guidance & pursuit.

*Court or legal appearance transportation & support (if appropriate).

Connections in Recovery New York‘s recovery coaches and companions are available 24-7 if needed.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or mental health, please contact us to see how we can assist you.