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Healthy in Recovery Means More Than Physical Health

When you reach out and get help for substance use, you might be focusing mostly on your physical well being. You probably want to feel good again. You most likely want to feel like you can function without having an intense desire to use drugs or alcohol. And...

Mental Health Companions & Coaches

Mental Health companions and Mental Health coaches most important role is to keep the client safe. At Connections in Recovery, our Mental Health Companion or Mental Health Coach is put in place to redirect the client when he or she is feeling triggered or spiraling...

5 Delicious Sober Mocktails

With the rise of the sober curious movement, the demand for sober mocktails and social events sans booze are becoming increasingly popular. And that’s great for the 22 million of us in recovery, because life should be fun and have lots of inclusive options.  The...

5 Ways to Find Community in Addiction Recovery

“The opposite of addiction isn't sobriety. It's connection." - Johann Hari While sobriety is one potential goal of recovery, it is our support network that is a crucial element of helping us achieve that goal. Our recovering community is a foundational support that...



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Gratitude and Recovery

Gratitude and Recovery

The journey of abstinence comes with good days and challenging ones. Cultivating a grateful outlook helps people to stay positive instead of seeing relapse as a catastrophe.

What does CiR LA do?

What does CiR LA do?

WHAT DOES CONNECTIONS IN RECOVERY LOS ANGELES DO? CONNECTIONS IN RECOVERY OFFERS HOPE, PRIVACY, AND SOLUTIONS. Connections in Recovery is an international addiction and mental health organization...

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